The Tale of “The Forgotten Creed”

Welcome to the land of Valeska, a land with a history full of adventure and mystery! Today, we recount to you the tale of the forgotten creed, perhaps the most renowned story in the history of the Western Kingdom.

Below is a navigation guide listing the various areas surrounding the telling of this story.

The Prelude – For foreigners from another world who lack an understanding of the origins of Valeska and the surrounding regions prior to the events of this tale

Part I – A recount of past events from which this tale was birthed.

Part II – The beginning of our tale in the present age, as it now stands.

Recall – For those whose memory fades with time, here you will find a summary of people, places, and events already told to keep the story fresh. [CAUTION: May contain SPOILERS for those not up to date with the events of the story.]

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